A First-Person Platformer Collectathon in the ocean post-apocalypse. The ship is defective, and needs 4 engines to get the player off the planet. In order to achieve said goal the player will get the parts from gremlins, go through teleporter mazes, and dodging electricity in an abandoned facilities. Click the itch.io icon below to download it.

  • Level Design: The level is simple and that the wouldn't get lost when looking for engines (there's a building in the center that the player can look at).

  • Lighting: Whenever the player would go underwater I went into Unity's lighting setting (with some fog editing) to make it turn into a light blue, and go back once they're out of it.

  • Particles: They're used as hazards, or as illuminations in the dark so the player doesn't lose their way, and to distinguish teleporters.

  • Pathfinding: The gremlins were done through a combination of Navmesh agents empty gameobject nodes in order to determine their path.